• Dec272018

    Fun and Safety in the Pool this Summer

    Fun and Safety in the Pool this Summer As summer approaches and the temperature starts to rise, attentions turn towards…

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  • Nov162018

    Injury and Pain Rehab with Swimming

    Injury and Pain Rehab with Swimming Since humans discovered bodies of water, swimming was about survival and travelling from point…

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  • Sep072018

    5 Reasons Children with Special Needs Love Swimming Lessons

    Physical exercise can become a chore and even daunting for some. But could you imagine the fears and stress a…

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  • Aug202018

    Aqua Aerobics: A Fun and Effective Way to Improve your Health

    Are you looking to change up your workout routine? We have the perfect answer for you. Here at A1 Swimming,…

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  • Jul312018

    Why Winter is a Great Time to learn How to Swim

    During Winter, many parents tend to pull their kids out of swim school because it’s “too cold”. This common misconception…

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  • Jul132018

    6 Reasons Why your Child Should Learn to Swim in 2018

    Knowing how to swim is an essential and potentially life-saving skill which is particularly important in Australia where we are…

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