Injury and Pain Rehab with Swimming

Injury and Pain Rehab with Swimming
November 16, 2018 swimmingadmin

Injury and Pain Rehab with Swimming

Since humans discovered bodies of water, swimming was about survival and travelling from point A to B. Today, people swim for hundreds of positive reasons and most typically it’s for leisure and fitness. But how about for those that are injured?

Therapy with the use of water has been around for hundreds of years. Even before pools were invented, people have used natural springs to help relax and heal their injuries. Fast forward to today, we have scientific research and technological advances to use swimming for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes.

Where is your pain coming from? If you’ve got back pain, neck pain, post-surgery, torn ligaments, joint and other injuries that affect your movement – swimming can help. Each type of stroke activates and relieves different muscle groups. Using the correct technique can help you stretch whilst working on your strength.

Because of the wide variety of pain and injury, we’ve worked with members from all sorts of occupations and backgrounds, does any of them sound like you?

  • Office workers who sit stiffly all day looking down at their screen
  • Elderly members who want to stay active but too afraid of risking further injury or worsening the pain they are already experiencing
  • Mums and Dads who’ve been ignoring pain and injury symptoms because they simply don’t have the time to address it
  • People with pre-existing and chronic pain that’s affected their whole lives
  • We’ve noticed over the years that frequent mobile usage has also contributed to pain and injury!

Whatever and wherever your pain and injury is coming from, it can all become too much to handle. It can cause you to avoid exercise and physical activities all together causing your general well-being to deteriorate even further.

So how does swimming actually help your injury?

The weightlessness created by the buoyancy of the water reduces pressure in your joints and other pain points. This allows you to relax whilst improving your blood circulation. You’ll be able to move and exercise with less pain.

The gentle resistance of the water also aids in your strength training. It’s far gentler than lifting weights and easier to go at your own pace. The water will support each of your movements. As you practice the different strokes, you’ll feel that your range of motion will increase as the strokes are a form of stretching.

Swimming as physical therapy and rehab is a good low impact yet targeted therapy. An unexpected benefit is also emotional and mental relaxation. We understand that pain can cause anxiousness and lowered confidence which can easily affect your day-to-day activities. One of the greatest feedback we receive is that through relieving their pain, our members feel more relaxed and emotionally confident.

Therapy through swimming is incredibly versatile as it’s easily customisable for each specific physical injury. It’s crucial to find the right coach or therapist who can develop a program unique to your needs as each injury is different. That’s why it’s important for us to have a conversation before starting our lessons to ensure that we understand the pain and discomfort you are going through, and the positive health changes you would like to see in your lifestyle.

Get in touch with us today to talk about the pain you are going through and how we can help achieve relieving it. We don’t believe in a one-off pain relief, but rather a long-term rehabilitation for you so that the pain doesn’t come back. Try our free trial to see the benefits for yourself!