5 Reasons Children with Special Needs Love Swimming Lessons

5 Reasons Children with Special Needs Love Swimming Lessons
September 7, 2018 swimmingadmin
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Physical exercise can become a chore and even daunting for some. But could you imagine the fears and stress a child with special needs may face when it comes to exercise?

Whether it’s a physical disability where mobility is an issue, or a mental illness where the sense of fear can take over your child’s body, swimming can help your child overcome those day-to-day hurdles.

We understand these struggles and also know the value in exercise and therapy. For us, swimming lessons for special needs children is not just about “swimming lessons”. Instead, we aim to help build physical strength and self-confidence. Through one-on-one coaching, we work at the child’s own pace and create a safe space for them to be at ease emotionally.

Through our experience with special needs children and the feedback we receive from their parents, we’ve gathered the five top reasons children with special needs love swimming lessons:

  1. Improvement in Cognitive Processing – Speech and Coordination

The process of acquiring knowledge through swimming lessons gives them the experience to improve their learning capabilities. As each child gets to learn at their own pace, they really get the chance to absorb information and improve one skill at a time. They can apply this in all aspects in life.

  1. Physical Exercise

The safety of a special needs child is always a top priority. With certain disabilities, there are higher risks when it comes to physical injuries. Luckily, swimming is a fantastic low impact sport that helps you improve your fitness and well-being. Specifically, swimming can help increase their muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and most of all technical ability.

  1. Social Activity

The one-on-one interaction the child has with their instructor directly impacts their confidence and improvement in communication. The constant relay of instructions and feedback helps the child practice listening and comprehending the information. In return, they have the chance to ask questions, comment and communicate their concerns.

  1. Relaxation

The one-on-one swimming lesson allows the child to understand and truly value that the instructor has the child’s best interest at heart. Creating this safe space is crucial for the child’s improvement. With the help of the boundless water and the feeling of being able to move freely helps the child mentally and physically relax.

  1. Achieving New Goals

Each special needs child has their own unique set of challenges and struggles. Thinking about fixing or ridding such problems may seem impossible and even discouraging for some children. Swimming helps channel these challenges into a fun activity they can tackle in a more step-by-step approach. With each stroke and kick, the child feels a sense of accomplishment. Building their confidence, they can transfer this positive mindset into their day-to-day challenges.

We love seeing each special needs child come out of the water feeling emotionally boosted and physically stronger. We take great pride in helping each child through their therapy and also allowing the parents feel at ease. Each child has the potential to improve and grow but best done at their own pace. Book your one-on-one session today and enjoy the benefits that come from learning in your home.