Why Winter is a Great Time to learn How to Swim

Why Winter is a Great Time to learn How to Swim
July 31, 2018 swimmingadmin
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During Winter, many parents tend to pull their kids out of swim school because it’s “too cold”. This common misconception that swimming is only for the hot Australian summer is a one dimension approach to swimming. Swimming is an activity that can be enjoyed all year long.

Here at A1 Swimming, we believe that the winter months are perfect for children and adults to boost their immune system and continue to improve their overall well-being. That’s why we are Sydney’s best mobile swim service, with personalised training instructors that come to you, learn to swim in the comfort of your own pool or within your apartment complex facilities.


The benefits of swimming during winter:

  1. Boost Your Immune System

While a lot of parents might think that children who take swimming classes in winter will be more prone to getting sick, the truth is the complete opposite. If anything, one of the main benefits of swimming in winter is that it will help children develop a stronger immune system and help them fight off the nasties going around.


  1. Increase Confidence – In and around the water

Continuing to swim during the colder months, will allow your children to swim more consistently during practice so that they feel more confident all year round. Meanwhile, the importance of water safety is reinforced to give them an all rounded boost of confidence. At A1 Swimming, we firmly stand by that children should always have age appropriate parental guidance around water.

What’s more if you or children in your family are new to swimming, Winter is a great time to start on the basics, to be best prepared before Summer arrives demanding more time in the water.


  1. Maintain skills and Progression

One of the major benefits of swimming during winter is that you maintain your swimming skills and continuously improve. If you stop swimming during winter, it is most likely that your child will have to re-learn some of the previous skills they were taught before, hindering their progression and potentially making them feel less confident about swimming.


  1. Keeping Active

We’ve mentioned a few benefits of swimming during winter but ultimately, swimming is a fun activity that will keep you physically active. Whether its rain, hail or shine, there is always somewhere you can swim, and have the same consistent experience unlike running that when chained a treadmill can feel quite different and mundane.


Swimming throughout the winter helps adults and children to develop a stronger immune system to fight off colds during the colder months. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ‘Swimming is only for the Summer’ because not only is it a skill for life, you might risk the progress you’ve made.

There is a great Chinese Proverb – The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is NOW – and so it goes with learning to swim – no matter the season, the best time to learn is now!

Our friendly, qualified swimming instructors are passionate about teaching adults and children the necessary skills to be safe in and around the water. Our mobile service is flexible and reliable, book your one on one session today!