Special Needs

Special Needs - In your Home pool - Sydney Eastern Suburbs

At A1 Academy we are experienced and qualified to work with children with disabilities. There is a great comfort to children with disabilities to learn within a familiar environment making your own home pool ideal.

We focus on teaching your child to be safe around water, which focuses on helping develop skills for children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

We provide individualized lessons, focused on moving children through learning goals, improving confidence whilst always maintaining safety as the overriding priority.

More than just water confidence

There have been many studies that confirm water confidence is just one part of the benefits of learning to swim. Taking part in swimming lessons for those with disabilities can improve cognitive processing, speech and, coordination.

Private swimming lesson provides a safe and trusting environment. It allows the learner to experience wins, grasping skills without the physical strength requirements of many other activities. This often results in a great self-belief.

Swimming lessons are naturally therapeutic. They can bring calming benefits to children with sensory processing needs, particularly children with autism.

Get in contact to start your child on a path to water confidence, in the place they feel safest.