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What a scorcher!! In this hot weather, we hope you are cooling off with a nice swim somewhere. Below are some tips for keeping cool and safe during this intense weather..

HYDRATE – Drink plenty of fluids (water) even when you’re not thirsty to stay hydrated (this does not include caffeinated drinks, soda, alcohol etc). Gatorade, Powerade, coconut water are also good sources of replacing electrolytes.

Symptoms of dehydration: Increased thirst, dry mouth and swollen tongue, inability to sweat, weakness, dizziness, decreased urine output.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY – Light-coloured, loose-fitting and lightweight natural fibre type clothing (preferably cotton) is the only way to go. Clothing that is breathable and can absorb moisture.

START EARLY – If you have any activities planned for the days, start as early as possible before temperatures peak.

SUNSCREEN – it goes without saying, if outdoors, use sunscreen and reapply when needed. If working, find a sunscreen that is either sweat-proof or waterproof to ensure you don’t sweat it all off in the first few minutes of work. And wear a suitable hat to block out the sun’s rays.

KEEP COOL – Try and assist your body to maintain a stable internal temperature. Stay in the shade where possible. Hydrate.

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