Aqua Aerobics: A Fun and Effective Way to Improve your Health

Aqua Aerobics: A Fun and Effective Way to Improve your Health
August 20, 2018 swimmingadmin
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Are you looking to change up your workout routine? We have the perfect answer for you.

Here at A1 Swimming, we believe that getting fit should be fun too! Our Aqua Aerobics classes are created to meet your needs, whether it’s one on one in your home, or with a group of friends in your apartment complex, or an outdoor ocean pool both – enjoy exercising while having a laugh along the way.

A common misconception people may have about Aqua Aerobics is that you’re not getting an intense workout. However, it’s a fantastic low impact, full body workout that is fun and suitable for all ages, especially for those that have injuries or require rehabilitation. One of the main benefits of engaging in water activities is that it increases your mobility, without risk of injury.

So how does this work? Did you know, water acts as form of built in resistance that forces your muscles to work harder to move through the water. Water also lessens the effect of gravity, so as a bonus you’re able to move your body through a wider range of motion, improving your flexibility.

Here’s 6 benefits of Aqua Aerobics:

Increases Muscle Strength

  • Aqua Aerobics requires the use of large muscle groups to move through the water. This requires more strength which in return improves your muscle tone and function.

Builds Endurance

  • Unlike traditional weights, which require the human body to push and pull against them, water resistance is a natural resistance which requires the body to work with the water instead working against it.

Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Exercising in water will overcome the restrictions of gravity and allow you to move freely, increasing your range of motion.

Low impact Exercise

  • Aqua Aerobics is a low impact exercise that uses water buoyancy to minimise the impact it has on our joints. This is especially beneficial for those with joint conditions such as arthritis.

Relieves Stress

  • Like all forms of exercise, water workouts help reduce stress by releasing feel good hormones called endorphins and help your cardiovascular endurance by encouraging oxygen flow to your muscles. (Also the sound of water is so peaceful!)

Burns Calories

  • The average thirty minute pool workout approximately burns 300 calories. Pair this with the help of water buoyancy, and you’ll discover why an intense Aqua Aerobics session is one of the most effective ways to decrease body fat.


Water aerobics, it provides you with the perfect combination of improving your endurance and strength training, while minimising the risk of injury. Now that you’ve a good idea about the benefits of Aqua Aerobics, it’s time to get down to business! Our friendly qualified Aqua Aerobics Instructors create customised classes that are dedicated to your needs. We offer Aqua Aerobics classes in your home, apartment swimming pool or a great outdoor location – get in touch with us to find out how!